The members of the Next Generation Speakers Bureau, having had their presentations vetted and reviewed by the PONI team, are among the best and brightest young and emerging nuclear experts the Project on Nuclear Issues has to offer. These battle-tested speakers have presented on their areas of expertise at conferences in the past and stand ready to lend a fresh voice on nuclear matters to your next engagement. If you are interested in inviting one of the speakers to present at your next conference, event or class contact Sarah Minot at or (202) 741-3878.

Current Next Generation Speakers

Justin Anderson, PhD

Research Fellow, National Defense University, Center for the Study of WMD

Rebecca Davis Gibbons

PhD Candidate, Georgetown University

Charlie Goetz

B-2 Instructor Pilot, 509th Operations, Support Squadron at Whiteman AFB

Bethany L. Goldblum, PhD

Associate Director, Nuclear Science and Security Consortium at the University of California, Berkeley

Jonathan Ray

Research Associate, Defense Group Inc.

Evan Thompson

Research Associate, Octant Associates, LLC

Tristan Volpe

Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow and Associate, Nuclear Policy Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

John Warden

Senior Fellow, Pacific Forum CSIS

Elizabeth Whitfield

Program Assistant, Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace