About Nuclear Notes

Important insights on matters of nuclear strategy and policy are frequently generated by students, academics, and professionals in the field. However, because opportunities to share these insights with a wider audience are limited, these ideas contribute less to policy innovation and to the overall discourse on nuclear weapons issues than they would if they were shared. Indeed, as the nuclear policy agenda expands to encompass many new and complex issues, it becomes increasingly important that the nuclear community continually develops and exchanges ideas that could lead to improved policy formulation and execution.

Nuclear Notes is a semi-annual publication of the Project on Nuclear Issues (PONI) that seeks to contribute innovative ideas to the broader discussion on nuclear weapons strategy, arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament. In particular, the publication seeks to provide an opportunity for graduate students and early career professionals to publish ideas emanating from their independent research or that are connected to their unique vantage point as analysts and implementers of nuclear policy. Indeed, Nuclear Notes is especially interested in submissions that propose possible changes to nuclear policy or how that policy is carried out, bearing in mind that subtle change can nonetheless be meaningful.