The Mid-Career Cadre, a select group comprised of nuclear professionals who have been in the field for five or more years, are invited to advanced trainings, mentoring events, and educational opportunities. Mid-Career Cadre members would be invited to a number of PONI activities, including:

  • International Events – Participate in bilateral and trilateral discussions coordinated by PONI with leaders from the US, UK, and France.
  • Engagement with Senior Leaders – As a primary center for nuclear thinking, leaders from across the nuclear enterprise request PONI assistance or input on projects, roundtables, and other initiatives. These opportunities would likely be scheduled around PONI events, with the option to present available at the PONI Conference Series.
  • Next Generation Speakers Bureau – Join our collection of some of the best and brightest emerging nuclear experts as a “battle-tested” speaker, ready to provide a fresh voice on nuclear matters at a wide variety of conferences and events.
  • Mid-Career Development Sessions – Participate in comprehensive break-out sessions, simulations, and networking opportunities to further stimulate debate and growth.
  • Mentorship Opportunities – Support a young professional within our current class of Nuclear Scholars by advising on their research project.

While PONI traditionally focuses on new members of the nuclear field, it has developed a series of events aimed at engaging with alumni and other emerging experts. In past years, these events have included a private roundtable with New York Times investigative journalist C.J. Chivers to discuss ISIS’ pursuit of WMDs and a dinner with former Director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Siegfried Hecker to discuss his book, Doomed to Cooperate, on nuclear security cooperation between former Soviet and American scientists post-Cold War.

In 2017, PONI has begun holding Mid-Career Cadre roundtables with an aim of better understanding allies’ perspectives on extended deterrence, partnerships, and burden-sharing.