Strategic Insights

Strategic Insights provides world-leading analysis on pressing geopolitical risks at the intersection of government and business interests. Tailored for an executive audience, each edition of the weekly note offers deeply sourced, actionable information to inform strategic planning and operational decisionmaking.

In an overwhelmed information environment, Strategic Insights differentiates itself in three ways.

  1. Each edition of Strategic Insights is curated by CSIS’s Risk and Foresight Group in conjunction with multiple CSIS scholars. It provides the combined perspective of multiple, authoritative experts in their fields whose decades of experience working across sectors offers unique vantage to sort signal from noise in current events and emerging risk areas.
  2. Strategic Insights offers foresight. Each edition assesses not only current state-of-play, but identifies the underlying forces driving events, and future indicators to monitor.
  3. Strategic Insights seeks to illuminate the cross-sector business implications of geopolitical events while offering informed analysis on government dynamics, including between competing branches and bureaucracies in Washington and foreign capitals.

To give a better sense of the range and content of the weekly publication, we invite you to peruse these three past editions.