2013 Dialogue with Ambassadors

Celebrating 60 Years of Partnership and Shared Prosperity

Highlights from the Dialogue with Ambassadors

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CSIS and Korea Foundation hosted 'Dialogue with the Ambassadors' to a standing room only audience at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on October 17. The former U.S. and Korean ambassadors spoke of their first encounters with Korea and their most memorable moments as ambassadors. Discussion moved to policy issues such as relations with China, the North Korean nuclear problem, KORUS FTA, TPP, unification, and bilateral alliance issues. There was memorable discussion about the former presidents of the U.S. and Korea and their interactions with one another.

A CSIS Korea Chair multimedia presentation celebrating 60 years of the ROK-US alliance

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In addition to the ambassadors, 'Dialogue' featured speeches by President Yu of the Korea Foundation, Speaker of the National Assembly Kang Chan-hee, and three-time former National Assemblyman Park Jin.

The conference also featured a CSIS-produced film on the history of the U.S.-Korea alliance and a White House congratulatory video from Vice-President Joseph Biden.

A White House Congratulatory Video Message on CSIS’s 60th Anniversary of the Alliance Event

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In addition to experts, business people, media, and students, the audience featured former U.S. peace corps volunteers who returned to Korea this week to remember their missions from decades ago.

This event was made possible by the generous support of the following sponsors.

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Dialogue with Ambassadors

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