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CSIS on the Japan-Korea Crisis

The Japan-Korea crisis is important to regional relations in Asia and for the United States. Read what CSIS experts Dr. Victor Cha, Dr. Katrin Katz, Mr. Matthew Goodman and others has to say about this critical issue.

Mounting Tensions: A Timeline of Japan-South Korea Relations

Japan-South Korea relations deteriorated rapidly in 2019. CSIS created a timeline of events to provide context for recent developments. The timeline does not make judgments and is intended as a resource for understanding dynamics in Japan-South Korea relations.

Finding a Way Out from the Japan-Korea Crisis

In this Korea Chair commentary, Dr. Victor Cha, Senior Adviser and Korea Chair at CSIS offered tangible ways out of the current Japan-Korea crisis and to avoid taking five steps backward.

How History Can Actually Solve the South Korea-Japan Crisis

In this Korea Chair Platform, Dr. Katrin Katz, Adjunct Fellow at CSIS Korea Chair and NextGen scholar discussed how history can help solve the current Japan-Korea crisis, and offered three de-escalatory lessons from that past that are useful in identifying opportunities for Seoul and Tokyo to defuse tensions in the coming days and weeks.

Japan and Korea: Rising Above the Fray

In this CSIS commentary, Mr. Matthew Goodman, Senior Vice President and Simon Chair in Political Economy at CSIS explained why it is in the strong interest of both Japan and Korea to step back and avoid further escalating their dispute.