Photo: PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP via Getty Images

About the Middle East Program

The CSIS Middle East Program is dedicated to producing “opportunity driven” research rather than “threat driven” commentary. Instead of merely reacting to crises, we get ahead of developments in the Middle East by explaining how a regime change, new economic partnership, or social upheaval impacts the region and providing policy recommendations for the U.S. government.

In addition to exploring regional trends, key states, and non-state actors, our current research dives into topics such as shifting dynamics in the Gulf; Asian strategies towards the Middle East; challenges related to displacement in the Levant; and environmental issues in the region.

The CSIS Middle East Program’s work ranges from detailed reports to brief analysis papers and can be found in both the academic and popular press. We frequently host roundtables and conferences, inviting dignitaries and thought-leaders to join us in unpacking the Middle East.