Books and Reports

Original books, reports, commentaries, and newsletters.

The Middle East Program offers original analysis of the drivers of change in the Middle East, as well as timely commentary on ongoing regional developments and their implications for U.S. policy.

Below are some of our recent publications. A comprehensive archive of our publications can be found HERE.

Books and Analytical Reports

Rescuing Aid in Syria (February 2022)
Lebanon’s Growing Humanitarian Crisis (December 2021)
The Implications of the UN Cross-Border Vote in Syria (June 2021)
Sustainable States (May 2021)
Lessons Learned from a Decade of Humanitarian Operations in Syria (April 2021)
Supporting Syrian Refugees amidst Lebanon’s Crises (April 2021)
The Importance of Marginalized Communities in Lebanon (December 2020)
Cross-border Aid, Covid-19, and U.S. Decisions in Syria (May 2020)
Ties that Bind: Family, Tribe, Nation, and the Rise of Arab Individualism (December 2019)
Faith in the Balance (October 2019)
Settling Kurdish Self-Determination in Northeast Syria (January 2019)
After the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi (December 2018)
The Gulf Scramble for Africa (November 2018)
Saudi Arabia’s New Approach in Iraq (November 2018)
The Implications of Khashoggi’s Death for Saudi Arabia (October 2018,)
Scorched Earth (September 2018)
Restoring the Eastern Mediterranean as a U.S. Strategic Anchor (May 2018)
Destination Maghreb: Changing Migration Patterns in North Africa (May 2018)
Citizens in Training: Conscription and Nation-building in the United Arab Emirates (March 2018)
The Other Side of the World: China, the United States, and the Struggle for Middle East Security (March 2018)
Iraq: The View from the GCC (February 2017)
Gulf States’ Policies on Syria (October 2016)
Making Choices: The Future of the U.S.-Egyptian Relationship (August 2016)
Human Capital and the Future of the Gulf (November 2015)
Workforce Development in Tunisia and Jordan: Changing Attitudes under New and Old Systems (July 2015)
Rocky Harbors: Taking Stock of the Middle East in 2015 (April 2015)
Religious Radicalism after the Arab Uprisings (February 2015)
Policy Writings on the Middle East (Arabic)
Gulf Kaleidoscope: Reflections on the Iranian Challenge (May 2012)
U.S. Global Health Policy in Palestinian Hands? (March 2012)
Gaza's Health Sector Under Hamas: Incurable Ills? (February 2012)
Egypt and U.S. Health Assistance (January 2012)
Egypt in Transition: Insights and Options for U.S. Policy (January 2012)
Crossroads: The Future of the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership (September 2011)
Clear Gold: Water as a Strategic Resource in the Middle East (December 2010)
The Vital Triangle: China, the United States, and the Middle East (May 2008)
Arab Reform and Foreign Aid: Lessons from Morocco (October 2006)

Articles and Analysis Papers

Covid-19, the Iranians, and Us (July/August 2020)
Egypt's Sisi Risks a Quagmire in Libya — and That's not in the US's Best Interest (June 2020)
Covid-19’s ‘Politics of Humiliation’: A Chance for the US to Lead—or to Lose Control (June 2020)
Assad Attempts to Weaponize COVID-19 in Syria (May 2020)
The Middle East’s Challenges Aren’t Just Combatting the Virus (April 2020)
Add Coronavirus to Other Crises, and the Middle East Faces a Catastrophe (March 2020)
After Soleimani: Crisis, Opportunity, and the Future of the Gulf (March 2020)
The U.S. Should Get Ready For Syria's Return from War (Febraury 2020)
Challenging Authority in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia (January 2020)
Manufacturing New Loyalties in the UAE (January 2020)
The Collapse of Jordan’s Social Safety Net (December 2019)
Is Saudi Arabia Undergoing a Social Revolution? (December 2019)
Fighting but Not Winning (November 2019)
Experts React: Turkey’s Intervention, U.S. Diplomacy, and the Crisis in Syria (October 2019)
The Implications of a Turkish Intervention in Northeastern Syria (October 2019)
Lebanon’s Government Collapses (October 2019)
On Iran, Trump Needs UN Help. He May Even Know it. (September 2019)
U.S.-Iran Negotiations (September 2019)
Morocco’s Language Politics (August 2019)
Beyond Tunisia’s Niqab Ban (July 2019)
About that Counter-Iran Coalition… (July 2019)
Widening the Aperture with Saudi Arabia (June 2019)
U.S. Response to Iranian Brinkmanship (June 2019)
China’s Middle East Model (May 2019)
Who Wins When U.S.-Iran Tensions Rise? China. (May 2019)
Escalating U.S.-Iran Tensions (May 2019)
A New Arab Spring? (April 2019)
Algeria’s Protests after Bouteflika (March 2019)
Populism and the Democratization of Injustice (March 2019)
Rubble, Refugees, and Syria’s Periphery (March 2019)
Why Algeria’s Protests Are Different This Time (March 2019)
Punishing Iran is Not a Strategy (February 2019)
Beyond Algeria’s Presidential Election (February 2019)
Friends Like These: Pompeo Recasts Ties in Cairo (January 2019)
Turbulence Ahead: The North African Maghreb in 2019 (January 2019)
The Implications of the U.S. Withdrawal from Syria (December 2018)
Syria is Forcing Former Rebels to Fight Their Friends (September 2018)
Aid and Conflict: Pitfalls in Yemen (August 2018)​
Water Pressure: Water, Protest, and State Legitimacy in the Maghreb (June 2018)​
Maghreb Neutrality: Maghreb-Gulf Arab Ties Since the GCC Split (June 2018)​
Syria, Turkey, and Eastern Mediterranean (April 2018)​
Arrests in Saudi Arabia: Causes and Implications (November 2017)​
As Independence Vote Nears, Iraqi Kurds Play a Risky Game of Chicken (August 2017)​
Implications of Iran’s Presidential Election (June 2017)​
Qatar Crisis: Turmoil in the GCC (June 2017)​
The Iranian Paradox (March 2017)​
Regional Perspectives on Iran (March 2017)​
Tunisia Confronts the Next Phase in Its War Against Jihadi-Salafism (March 2017)​
When Netanyahu and Trump Meet, Russia Should Top the Agenda (February 2017)​
When the Middle East Seemed Stable (January 2017)​

Congressional Testimony

Chinese and Russian Influence in the Middle East (May 2019)
U.S. Policy In North Africa (November 2015)
Potential Implications in the Region of the Iran Deal (July 2015)
China in the Middle East (June 2013)
Bad Options and Hard Choices in Syria Policy (June 2013)
The Revolution in Egypt: Turning Point? (June 2012)