Middle East Transformation Initiative

العمل لمستقبل الشرق الأوسط

The Middle East is on the cusp of a transformation. The region’s economies, environment, politics, and international relations are all shifting simultaneously. While the looming energy transition is the most obvious driver, a climate transition is also underway. These two combine with other factors to create an impending labor transition, and the three will mix with demographics and global communications technologies to create profound social transitions. The consequences hold the promise for more robust and resilient systems, but they also threaten to sharpen food insecurity, destroy livelihoods, and force the migration of tens of millions of people within the Middle East and outside of it.

CSIS is working hand-in-hand with regional leaders and experts, as well as with leading thinkers from around the world to tackle some of the Middle East’s most important challenges in a major new initiative. The first phase of this project focuses on water security and the potential of civil society in the MENA region.

The Middle East Transformation Initiative is supported by Bahaa Rafic Hariri.

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