Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Political, economic, and security trends in Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Israel faces an increasingly hostile and uncertain regional environment, after decades of stability and predictability. Its key partnership with Turkey has deteriorated, its partnership with Egypt has undergone multiple shifts, and it faces growing instability on its southern and northern borders. While the July 2015 deal between Iran and the P5+1 has made the possibility of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon more remote, Tehran’s regional behavior remains a matter of grave concern. The Palestinian leadership faces internal challenges to its legitimacy and remains fractured between Gaza and the West Bank. Both Israeli and Palestinian leaders are facing the challenge of a Palestinian youth population which is largely disillusioned with the status quo and increasingly disenfranchised. Despite setbacks, resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict remains a key interest of the United States in the region, and the Middle East Program continues to provide fresh analysis of the region for policymakers and the media.

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