Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction

Analyzing and rethinking humanitarian aid and reconstruction efforts throughout the region

From Syria to Yemen, the Middle East is the site of some of the world’s most complex humanitarian emergencies. The region receives billions of dollars of humanitarian aid every year, but current conditions are alarming and current trends appear unsustainable. International donors are rethinking how they can best leverage their financial assistance to the Middle East, considering changes in aid levels, modalities, and targets. The Middle East Program investigates trends in humanitarian aid and reconstruction in the Middle East, providing analysis and recommendations for U.S. and international policymakers.


Featured Analysis

Photo: MAHMUD HAMS/AFP via Getty Images

Photo: MAHMUD HAMS/AFP via Getty Images

What Comes after War in Gaza

Jon Alterman looks beyond the immediate dynamics of the Israel-Hamas war to break down the long-term implications of the war. The war will destroy Hamas’s organizational capacity, raising questions about who will control Gaza and what will happen to Gazans if Hamas falls.

Commentary by Jon B. Alterman — October 12, 2023