Levant and Egypt

Political, economic, and security trends in Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan

Syria’s decade-long conflict continues to destabilize the Levant. Syria remains an arena for proxy wars by external forces, millions of Syrians experience protracted displacement in the region, and compounding crises in Syria and Lebanon indicate prolonged economic hardship. Meanwhile, Israel’s new relationships with Arab states are creating new opportunities, while it seeks to manage enduring threats from Iran and its proxies in the Levant. The Middle East Program analyzes the evolving political, geopolitical, and humanitarian dynamics in the Levant and Egypt, providing analysis and recommendations for U.S. policy.

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Photo: AAREF WATAD/AFP/Getty Images

Earthquake May Deepen Syria’s Divides

CSIS Middle East Program senior fellow Natasha Hall analyzes how the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria may worsen existing divides in the international aid response in Syria and further hinder support to the vulnerable northwest.

Commentary by Natasha Hall — February 7, 2023