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  • CSIS junior staff, interns, and alumni are encouraged to submit articles to the Journal;
  • The Journal maintains a bipartisan approach. The Journal will not publish overtly biased or partisan articles;
  • The Journal will not publish ad-hominem attacks targeting individuals or individual corporations. Nor will it publish any libelous or unlawful statements that infringe upon the rights of others;
  • Authors must certify that submissions are written with academic integrity and have not been plagiarized. Submissions must not be copyrighted or under review elsewhere. Please notify the editorial board if your submission has been used for other purposes;
  • Authors must cite all outside work and sources. Citations should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.
  • In the event that an article is accepted for publication, the author agrees to transfer copyright of the work to CSIS and exclusive rights to publication in all media now known or later developed, including but not limited to electronic databases.
  • The Editorial Board retains the exclusive right to accept or reject submissions and maintain a consistent style throughout the Journal. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make final copy edits to each piece submitted for publication. 

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