Forced Migration

More people are forcibly displaced now than at any time in human history. Beyond the instability in Syria, over 66 million people from around the world have left their homes to escape conflict, famine, disaster, persecution, food insecurity, and unstable governance. The paths of these people could lead them a few miles from their origin, across borders into transit countries, or into protracted displacement in destination countries in Europe or elsewhere. If recent trends continue, this figure could increase to between 180 and 320 million people by 2030.
CSIS Project on Prosperity and Development has undertaken research projects and has committed significant resources to study the global forced migration crisis, research the journey of these millions of people and what it means for the developing world landscape, and how the U.S., its allies, the public and private sectors, NGOs, academics, government, and security can play a vital role in confronting global displacement and migration.