Global Innovation Strategy

Comparative Innovation Policies and Global Competition for Emerging Technologies

The efforts by nations and regions around the world develop strategies to commercialize and industrialize technological advances demand attention from American policymakers. Understanding the implications for public policy of these global trends means that we need to understand the new nature of global innovation-focused competition—not only between companies but also between nations.  This comparative perspective is especially important, first to appreciate the competitive environment faced by U.S firms and second to understand better our own strengths and weaknesses as a leading innovation economy. Indeed, the only way to secure long term US security and our ability to defend our interests globally is through a vibrant innovation system. 

To this end, RAI will regularly bring together leading government officials, industrialists, academics, researchers, and economists from advanced and emerging nations to learn about national strategies designed to meet the new competitive challenges of the 21st century global economy and to identify best practices of private and public programs to strengthen industries, advance new technologies, and meet critical national needs.