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Providing thoughtful analysis on the U.S. innovation ecosystem and exploring methods for sustaining American technological competitiveness

Renewing American Innovation (RAI) explores the policies and partnerships that will secure the United States’ role as a leading innovator while ensuring that all Americans have a shared stake in the innovation economy.

Producing insightful analysis and convening stakeholders from across the innovation ecosystem, RAI seeks to foster a public appreciation for the networks and institutions to which we owe much of our prosperity today.

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Sujai Shivakumar

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Photo: Jackie Niam/Adobe Stock

Photo: Jackie Niam/Adobe Stock

Investing in Science and Technology

This report highlights the serious challenge posed by China’s rapid advancements in AI, QIS, and semiconductors, emphasizing the need for policymakers to act decisively to secure the United States’ future in the global technology race.

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Report by Sujai Shivakumar, Charles Wessner, and Thomas Howell — June 18, 2024