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Resources for Educators

CSIS is uniquely situated to help those who teach at the middle, high school, and undergraduate level address the ramifications of our complex and fast-changing global environment in the classroom in a timely, accurate, and unbiased way. CSIS experts constantly produce thoughtful analysis of global issues, often through compelling interactive content, and our education staff is well-versed in making the connections between these resources and educators’ diverse classroom contexts.

Classroom Resources

CSIS produces content on every region of the world as well as on relevant global topics, including economics and trade; energy and climate change; global health, human rights, and food security; international development and aid; international institutions; cybersecurity and technology; and defense and space issues. Below is a curated collection of CSIS publications, websites, videos, podcasts, and other resources that you may find useful. Teachers may use these resources to enrich their own understanding of issues or to develop student skills in reading and comprehending informational texts; to assign videos, podcasts, and websites as homework; or to recommend as authoritative resources for independent student research.

Interactive Web Features
  • TradeVistas relates global trade to our own lives and communities.
  • Mezze presents very short vignettes of life in the Middle East beyond the headlines.
  • Beyond Parallel delivers greater clarity about North Korea through analysis of key data.
  • China Power uses interactive visualizations to unpack Chinese social, economic, and military goals and capabilities.
  • Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative uses interactive maps to underpin analysis of island building in the South China Sea and other maritime security issues in Asia.
  • Turning Point offers a new comprehensive strategy for countering violent extremism, with short video clips from experts and interactive graphics to illustrate various dimensions of the issue.
  • Every Friday, The CSIS Podcast provides a short 15-20 minute analysis of the week’s biggest issue. Recent topics include Syria, climate change, famine in South Sudan, cyber hacks, relations with Mexico, and more.
  • Russian Roulette takes a look at the politics, economics, and culture of Russia and Eurasia.
  • About the News features weekly conversations with the most interesting people working in legacy media, digitally native platforms, social media, and top thought leaders.
  • Smart Women, Smart Power showcases the insights of global women leaders in foreign policy, national security, international business, and development.
  • CogitAsia takes a weekly deep dive into policy and trends in the region with CSIS Asia experts.
  • Energy 360 provides context and perspective on the most critical issues shaping energy today.
Videos, Documentaries, and Webcasts
  • CSIS events featuring high-level policymakers and experts speaking on current issues are webcast live, and are archived for viewing on demand.
  • The New Barbarianism” addresses the growing number of attacks on hospitals in war zones.
  • Ebola in America: Epidemic of Fear” deals with the public and policy reaction in the U.S. to the West African Ebola outbreak in 2014-15.
  • Sounding the Alarm on Southern Africa’s Food Crisis” suggests ways to deal with the drought in southern Africa and its impact.
  • On Europe and Russia” is a fascinating conversation between CSIS President Dr. John Hamre and Zbigniew Brzezinski on the future of Europe and its relationship with Russia..

CSIS produces a variety of written analyses of global issues daily, from shorter Commentaries and Critical Questions to more exhaustive reports (which have useful executive summaries).

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Professional Development Workshops

CSIS will host its first workshop for educators on bringing foreign policy and current events into the classroom on August 7-9, 2017 at CSIS headquarters in Washington, D.C. Discussion seminars will focus on critical trends in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Seven Revolutions: Global Trends Shaping Our Future
  • International Economics and Trade
  • Shifting Dynamics in the Middle East
  • Understanding Russia and Europe
  • Asia’s Role in the Global Order
  • Global Energy Futures and Climate Change
  • How Foreign Policy Happens
  • Global Food and Water Security
  • Human Rights Dilemmas in Foreign Policy

Teachers will also participate in and help co-design interactive learning experiences to empower students to engage directly in deeper learning and action on the global issues that matter most to them. Registration is only $35, and includes lunch. Register here.

Speakers Bureau and Site Visits to CSIS

Members of the CSIS expert network are available to visit local schools and universities in D.C., Maryland, and northern Virginia to speak to classes or larger assemblies on a range of regional and global issues. CSIS also welcomes groups from educational institutions at its headquarters in Washington, D.C., year-round to learn about the foreign policy environment and future career opportunities.

CSIS Global Educators Network

Join our network of global educators if you’d like to be informed of upcoming professional development opportunities, arrange for a speaker to visit your school, plan a student or faculty visit to CSIS, or receive updates on our resources for educators.

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