CSIS-Derwin Pereira Southeast Asia Dialogue

The CSIS Southeast Asia Program, with support from business leader Derwin Pereira, launched the CSIS‐Derwin Pereira Southeast Asia Dialogue in 2021. This five-year initiative provides a platform for U.S.-based policymakers and experts to candidly exchange views with visiting Southeast Asian officials, business leaders, and academics. These discussions will aim to inform U.S. policy toward the region—a zone of competition for U.S. and Chinese influence.

The project consists of a series of high-level, off-the-record roundtables examining topics of strategic significance to both the United States and its Southeast Asian partners. These conversations cover security dynamics in Southeast Asia, economics and trade, technology, and more. Findings from these discussions inform written analyses and publications by the CSIS Southeast Asia Program, the premier forum for high-level policy dialogue on U.S. relations with the region.