The CSIS Strategic Technologies Program has compiled an index of existing cyber strategies and laws by country and territory. The index includes national strategies addressing civilian and military national cyber defense, digital content, data privacy, critical infrastructure protection, e-commerce, and cybercrime. This provides policymakers and diplomatic officials a unified, at-a-glance database of global legal and policy frameworks to help the global community understand, track, and harmonize regulations internationally. This index is based on publicly available sources, and will be updated as necessary. If you have suggestions for updated information or additions, please send them to

National regulations obviously do not replace the need for international negotiations and agreements on measures to increase stability and security in cyberspace. CSIS, in partnership with the UN Institute for Disarmament Research, organized three expert workshops to open and broaden the discussion of international norms for responsible State behavior in cyberspace and to identify new ideas to support further progress by the international community. Read about our International Security Cyber Issues Workshop Series here.

Global Cyber Strategies Index

National Strategy: Overarching doctrine guiding national, coordinated deterrents and responses to cyber threats.
Military: Strategies detailing offensive or defensive military capabilities in cyberspace.
Content: Laws regulating or restricting certain digital content.
Privacy: Strategies regulating the collection and handling of personal data.   
Critical Infrastructure: Strategies for mitigating cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure networks and increasing resilience.
Commerce: Laws governing digital trade and the provision of internet services.
Crime: Strategies or legislation for countering cybercrime.