The fifth generation of mobile network technologies – 5G - promises faster speeds, more security and greater capacity for networks and mobile devices.  5G will shape the internet of things, affecting devices from refrigerators to robots.  5G is crucial for the future of internet innovation, and the technologies and connectivity it provides will create income, jobs, and opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, given its importance, 5G is a focus of intense competition among companies and countries. The outcome of the 5G contest will shape U.S. economic competitiveness and security. This CSIS project is evaluating the challenges for security and competitiveness from the global race for 5G development, and recommending policies to strengthen the American position.

The following is a three-part series of reports covering the basics of 5G technologies, how the United States is performing compared to other nations, and what a national strategy should look like for promoting security and innovation in 5G.