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Other Projects on Cybersecurity

Related projects by the Strategic Technologies Program focusing on developments in cybersecurity, examining threats and tracking policy changes in the US and abroad.

Recent decades have seen an explosion in both the capabilities and the adoption of Information Technology. Opportunities for malicious action in cyberspace have expanded as a result. Corporations and nation states increasingly fall victim to cyber crime and cyber espionage. The potential for crippling cyber attacks on essential infrastructure concerns security officials worldwide. Despite this, scholarship on conflict in cyberspace remains contradictory. Policymakers and corporate executives still lack an understanding of how they can best use cyber security techniques to protect their assets.

To remedy this, CSIS’s Technology and Public Policy Program initiated the Cyber Security Program. The program partners with both government and private entities to make sensible recommendations on security measures to policy makersand executives. Past projects have included war games with government and private officials to demonstrate responses to cyber attacks, reports on the true cost of cyber crime to the US economy, and seminars on ways corporations can protect themselves from exposure to risk, among other initiatives.