Track 1.5 U.S.-China Cyber Security Dialogue

Since 2009, CSIS and the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) have held nine formal meetings on cybersecurity, accompanied by several informal discussions, called “Track 2 Sino-U.S. Cybersecurity Dialogue.”

The meetings have been attended by a broad range of U.S. and Chinese officials and scholars responsible for cybersecurity issues. The goals of the discussions have been to reduce misperceptions and to increase transparency of both countries’ authorities and understanding on how each country approaches cybersecurity, and to identify areas of potential cooperation, including confidence building measures and agreement on norms and rules for cybersecurity. A number of ideas for cybersecurity cooperation have been put on the table by CSIS and CICIR. Our agreements have directly promoted cybersecurity cooperation between the two countries, while our differences will require further discussion.