Threat and Response: Combating Advanced Attacks and Cyber-Espionage

CSIS Strategic Technologies Program and FireEye team up to discuss solutions for combatting advanced cyber attacks and threats.

Advanced Cyber Threats

Cyberspace is assuming a central role in society.  We all increasingly choose cyberspace as a place to store wealth, intellectual property, and secrets.  Recognizing the opportunity, bad actors ranging from organized crime syndicates to nation-states are developing new techniques and toolkits to try and steal these treasures.  One of the most common techniques adapted by these adversaries is the advanced persistent threat, which marries a range of tools to infiltrate specific networks, stay on them, and exploit their data.  FireEye and the CSIS and Strategic Technologies Program are working together to bring insights from government officials, industry leaders, and scholars together to offer industry and governments solutions to solving this emerging problem.