Building Support

After eight years of planning, CSIS moved into its spectacular new headquarters in September 2013. This remarkable world-class facility was made possible through the generosity of important friends. CSIS takes this opportunity to offer enduring thanks to the following individuals who made our new building possible.  


Gifts of $5 million and above:

  • Maurice R. Greenberg and the Starr Foundation
  • Carlos A. Bulgheroni
  • ExxonMobil Corporation
  • Hess Corporation in honor of John B. Hess
  • Kazuo Inamori
  • Elaine and Ken Langone

Gifts above $1 million:

  • Andreas C. Dracopoulos
  • The Coca-Cola Foundation in honor of Sam Nunn
  • Linda and Mitch Hart
  • The Boeing Company
  • Fairbanks Family Foundation in honor of Richard Fairbanks
  • Julie and John Hamre
  • Margot and Tom Pritzker Family Foundation
  • Joan and William Schreyer
  • Julia and George Argyros
  • Anne Legendre Armstrong
  • Michael P. Galvin
  • Donald B. Marron
  • Dr. Scholl Foundation
  • The United Arab Emirates in honor of Joseph E. Robert Jr.
  • Wallenberg Family Foundation
  • Frederick B. Whittemore

Gifts above $500,000

  • Reginald K. Brack
  • Henrietta Holsman Fore
  • General Electric in honor of Sam Nunn
  • Felix G. Rohatyn

Gifts less than $500,000

  • Ben W. Heineman Jr.
  • E. Neville Isdell
  • Charles Sanders
  • Doosan Corporation
  • William H. Frist
  • Alfred Clark
  • Ghadar Family Foundation
  • Rex W. Tillerson
  • Carter Cafritz
  • Philip Stephenson
  • Fred and Doris Ikle
  • Carla A. Hills
  • Sue McCourt Cobb
  • Sean Coffey
  • Paul Desmarais Jr.
  • Joseph S. Nye Jr.
  • William and Sandy Brock