CSIS partners with the private sector in a wide variety of ways, accommodating to the needs of groups both large and small, and with different goals.  Below are some of the avenues in which the private sector is able to engage with CSIS.

CSIS partners with more than 150 companies across different industries trying to understand economic growth, political change, and security issues through various methods of engagement. Business leaders rely on unbiased information and analysis on issues as they arise and how they can best adapt their enterprises. CSIS’ reputation enables us to work with senior leaders in all areas of the public and private sectors as well as academia to identify policy solutions and provide a neutral platform to host events, both large and small, to give these leaders the opportunity to converse openly and frankly with each other.

Below are some of the avenues in which the private sector is able to engage with CSIS.

Corporate Membership

Membership to CSIS provides access to more than 40 programs that analyze major issues facing our world today. Whether it be questions on global health policy, security issues, regulatory challenges, or issues facing countries around the world, CSIS provides a neutral and credible “Washington perspective” to decision makers throughout the public and private sector. Corporate partners are frequently invited to CSIS for private and off-the-record conversations about current affairs and how they relate to their business. Members are also invited to monthly briefings to hear from CSIS scholars on current affairs and have the opportunity to schedule private briefings with the Center’s experts to dive deeper on areas of interest.

Event Sponsorship

One effective way to bring thought leadership to your company and raise its profile in the Washington policy community is to elevate and highlight policy issues through public or private events around a defined theme, convening experts and stakeholders for a discussion. Event sponsorship at CSIS encompasses everything from major annual conferences to public event series. Aside from these marquee events, CSIS is able to host one-day to half-day conferences, either public or off-the-record, to allow C-suite executives, government leaders, and other policy makers to engage in discussion on important policy issues. Partners interested in these opportunities work closely with CSIS scholars and staff to create a platform that addresses a policy challenge or current, pertinent issue.

Project Support

Another effective way of bringing thought leadership to your company is to participate in and fund an existing and ongoing project or support an original project in a policy area of mutual interest. The content of the projects that CSIS works on will vary depending on the topic, scope, goals and funding. Projects at CSIS include research and publication of one or more white papers on current public policy issues; private workshops and roundtables either on or off-the-record with important stakeholders, subject matter experts, and policy makers that facilitate a discussion on a particular skill set; a short video to illuminate a policy challenge; and a public roll out to present the findings of the research. For example, the Reconnecting Asia Project is an ongoing, multi-year project mapping the new links that are reshaping economic and geopolitical realities across the continent.

If you are interested in finding out more information on how your organization can partner with CSIS, please reach out to Fredrick Anyanwu at 202-775-3205 or