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Foreign Fighter Project

Studying the flow of foreign fighters around the globe.

Foreign volunteers intensify the conflicts to which they travel, and can destabilize the countries to which they travel next. To protect the international community against this foreign fighter fallout, the Transnational Threats Project (TNT) has launched a multi-year study to examine the threat. The study combines insights from TNT’s on-the-ground field interviews with cutting edge research to illuminate this global phenomenon.

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History of Foreign Fighters

By Maria Galperin Donnelly with Thomas M. Sanderson and Zack Fellman

Foreign Fighters in History traces the lineage and connections of foreign fighters from the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan through Chechnya and Bosnia, and on to the post–September 11 violence across the Middle East, North Africa, and South and Central Asia.

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Foreign Fighters in Tunisia

By Haim Malka and Margo Balboni

The Tunisia section examines the interrelated security, political, socioeconomic, and religious dimensions of Tunisia’s efforts to confront an evolving extremist threat, and considers this case’s implications for what has become a global and generational challenge.


Foreign Fighter Fallout

By Zack Fellman with Thomas M. Sanderson and Maria Galperin Donnelly

Foreign Fighter Fallout traces mobilization pathways to understand who may return and how, then examines preexisting grievances and demographic factors across Russia, Europe, and Southeast Asia to help create frameworks for limiting the damage migrating fighters pose.

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