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U.S.-India Security and Defense Cooperation

The project will advance policy recommendations for the future of bilateral defense and security cooperation between the United States and India.

The U.S.-India defense relationship has grown over the last decade to become a key component of the overall bilateral partnership. Since the signing of the New Framework for Defense Cooperation in 2005, the United States and India have made remarkable strides in their defense relations. India now holds more annual military exercises with the United States than any other country, cumulative defense sales have grown from virtually zero to more than $8 billion and high-level exchanges on defense issues have increased substantially.  There have also been new opportunities for cooperation in homeland security including the establishment of the U.S.-India Homeland Security Dialogue.

The Wadhwani Chair’s U.S.-India Security and Defense project examines the key challenges and opportunities for deepening bilateral defense and security cooperation across three main areas:

  • Bilateral defense trade cooperation
  • Military-to-military cooperation
  •  Homeland security cooperation

This project is directed by Visiting Fellow, Dr. S. Amer Latif, who previously served as the director for South Asian affairs in the Office of the Secretary of Defense from 2007-2011.  Each component of the project will advance policy recommendations for the three main areas of study through published reports, senior roundtables, and events taking place in both the U.S. and India.