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Photo: LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images

Mind the Darién Gap, Migration Bottleneck of the Americas

The surge in mass migration through Panama’s treacherous Darién Gap has created a perfect storm of human suffering, environmental damage, and criminal opportunism. This report analyzes the key dimensions of the crisis and calls for a comprehensive and coordinated international response.

Report by Daniel F. Runde and Thomas Bryja — May 16, 2024

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Unpacking USMCA

Podcast Episode by Christopher Hernandez-Roy — May 16, 2024

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Daniel F. Runde
Senior Vice President; William A. Schreyer Chair; Director, Project on Prosperity and Development
Romina Bandura
Senior Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development, Project on U.S. Leadership in Development