professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs at … implementation, and analysis of Seed System Security Assessments … Assessments in Ethiopia, Democratic

Non-resident Expert

as U.S. ambassador to the DemocraticRepublicofCongo, where he managed a staff …

Non-resident Expert

Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies … Institution. He is the author of the forthcoming biography … Mobutu: The Rise and Fall of the Leopard King (Random …

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May 16, 2011

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) and CSIS … hosted:   Election Preparations in the Democratic RepublicofCongo (DRC)   With:   Reverend … Election Preparations in the DemocraticRepublicofCongo (DRC …

November 7, 2006

October 29, 2006, the citizens of theDemocraticRepublicof the … Observing Congo’s Election …

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November 30, 2010

Africa Program, Eastern Congo Initiative, and the United … hosts: U.S. Policy in the DemocraticRepublicof … U.S. Policy in the DemocraticRepublicofCongo

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