March 11, 2015 | By Carolyn Barnett

carolyn barnett analyzes how egypt s role as an actor in regional politics is evolving since 2011 events have left egypt s health and future trajectory uncertain yet many have continued to argue that egypt is …

January 31, 2012 | By Jon B. Alterman

few countries have been as successful as egypt in parlaying its … population egypt has made itself an object of interest and often an object of … peninsula egypt has drawn more than 70 billion in u s assistance affecting …

Critical Questions
January 29, 2011 | By Jon B. Alterman

q1 what is at stake for the united states in egypt a1 the u s relationship with egypt is remarkably broad and remarkably deep on a whole range … having a friendly government in egypt that generally agrees to u s security …

December 15, 2014 | By Jon B. Alterman

radicalism in egypt both before and after the overthrow of hosni mubarak today … as they do not threaten the power of the old guard meanwhile egypt … coercion will take time egypt the search for stability …

On Demand Event
September 16, 2013

political upheaval in egypt including the overthrow of the morsi … local politics in egypt s recent events the specific circumstances in each … developments in egypt at a csis maghreb roundtable entitled egypt s impact on …

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