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July 20, 2005

and governance in west africa s gulf of guinea a strategic u s approach to governance and security in the gulf of guinea on july 20 the vice … and capacity among west africa s oilproducing states gulf of guinea

June 30, 1986

the unexpected death of president ahmed sekou toure on march 26 1984 shattered guinea s frozen political landscape what had appeared to be one of … redressement national cmrn africa notes a new guinea june 1986 …

Critical Questions
December 16, 2011 | By Gregory B. Poling

a political crisis has erupted in papua new guinea following the … resolved q1 how did papua new guinea s political crisis develop a1 governor … was even still in the country q2 how did papua new guinea reach this …

Critical Questions
August 8, 2012 | By Rick "Ozzie" Nelson

the african continent in the gulf of guinea home to a number of weak … 2011 given the gulf of guinea s relative economic importance this piracy … globally q1 what is driving piracy in the gulf of guinea a1 the gulf of …

January 23, 2008

mercenaries on the way to equatorial guinea to overthrow the government there a day later fifteen more men were arrested in equatorial guinea on similar … confessions admitting that they were headed to equatorial guinea to stage a coup …

Blog Post
June 5, 2010

for thousands of years the guinea worm parasite dracunculus … cases of guinea worm due to the dedication of health workers and the … cases in ghana and sudan the guinea worm eradication campaign is true …

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