January 18, 2018

the Sahel states to reach Libya, where they set off in boats … Reuters)  Airport in Libya's Capital Shut for Third Day … Envoy Says Military Forces in Libya are Flexing Muscles Ghassan …

March 26, 2018

Qaeda Target in Southern Libya, Expanding Shadow War There … to hunt down Islamists in Libya’s vast deserts rely heavily … groups vying for control of Libya. (New York Times) &nbsp …

February 14, 2018

Says Political Settlement in Libya 'Out of Reach' The experts … operate in central and southern Libya despite the militant group … Operationalizing SDG Indicator 16.1.2 in Libya Rival governments with competing …

March 15, 2018

700 mile-long border with Libya. At the same time, the Sissi … controls much of eastern Libya in the hopes that he will … Washington Post)   Libya Migrants: Smuggling Network …

February 28, 2018

government denies. (BBC) Libya’s Rogue Militias Keep the Country From Tackling Human Trafficking However, fighting in Libya’s coastal cities between the forces of the GNA, the rival General National Congress (GNC) and the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by General Khalifa Haftar, continues to complicate efforts to halt the “trade” in passage to Europe. Furthermore, the militias stand to gain much from their involvement, making it even harder to bring an end to human trafficking in Libya …

February 27, 2018

General Who Wants to Rule Libya A former ally of Muammar … Gaddafi, Haftar, 75, returned to Libya seven years ago from the … protracted military campaign in Libya’s second city, Benghazi, he …

February 22, 2018

America is Still Wrong About Libya Opinion: American inaction … Opinion: American inaction in Libya is not neutrality. It is …

February 15, 2018

sustainable.” (RFE/RL) Libya’s Revolution Seven Years On … Western political engagement in Libya helped prevent it from becoming …

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