December 28, 1987

location of cuban troops worldwide mozambique was prominently featured with … routinely refer to the presence of cuban troops in mozambique and depict … underlying assumption that cuba acts as a soviet tool in mozambique supported …

December 29, 1986

mozambique s governing party who survived the october 19 1986 plane crash that … objective fact that mozambique is approaching mass starvation and financial … increasing africa notes mozambique after machel december 1986 …

April 1, 2008

mozambique is positive on china mozambican leaders have gone beyond … to mozambique where chinese companies began to actively export timber … even during the portuguese colonial period and mozambique s bloody 16 …

On Demand Event
July 14, 2006

dr ivo garrido mozambique s minister of health spoke at csis stephen morrison director of csis s africa program moderated the event dr ivo garrido mozambique s minister of health …

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