Critical Questions
January 6, 2012

world’s newest country, SouthSudan, has been convulsed by serious … fragile security situation in SouthSudan and exposes the continued … Violence in SouthSudan

November 19, 2012

as an independent nation, SouthSudan is facing a desperate struggle … terms of its separation from Sudan were not decided before independence … Anger over the high price Sudan was demanding to use its …

Critical Questions
April 19, 2012

There are fears that Sudan andSouthSudan are edging closer to all-out … economies of both countries. SouthSudan broke away from … The Two Sudans on the Brink …

On Demand Event
March 9, 2012

and Heritage Government of SouthSudan   John Ryle Executive … and Suliman Baldo, of The Sudan Handbook, a collection of … commissioned essays covering Sudan and …

On Demand Event
December 14, 2012

Sudan is a country that continues … will discuss the crisis in Sudan and its impact on peace and … peace and stability; examine Sudan’s relationship with …

February 16, 2012

Kenya-dominated buffer zone south of the River Juba, driving … from Uganda and Southern Sudan. The government has grandiose …

January 11, 2012

until April 1975. ARVN, the South Vietnamese army, fought on … leaders against apartheid in South Africa. Terrorism has been … violence in Iraq A South China Sea armed confrontation …

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