On Demand Event
March 9, 2012

This Year in Sudan and South Sudan … and Heritage Government of South Sudan   John Ryle Executive … and Suliman Baldo, of The Sudan Handbook, a collection of …

On Demand Event
April 9, 2014

Prospects for Peace in South Sudan … Presidency, Government of South Sudan   Jon Temin Director … of the Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan , U.S. Department of State   Moderated …

On Demand Event
July 17, 2018

Humanitarian Assistance in South Sudan … Brief The humanitarian crisis in South Sudan is the product of decades … facilitating humanitarian access in South Sudan. Discussants agreed that the violence in South Sudan is political in nature. Therefore …

On Demand Event
December 14, 2012

The Crisis in SudanSudan is a country that continues … will discuss the crisis in Sudan and its impact on peace and stability; examine Sudan’s relationship with South Sudan ; and explore policy options …

On Demand Event
November 18, 2014

South Sudan: Political Crisis, Humanitarian Disaster … on the political crisis in South Sudan and the devastating impact … report, Uprooted by Conflict: South Sudan ’s Displacement Crisis.    Featuring: Ambassador …

On Demand Event
June 30, 2017

South Sudan: When War and Famine Collide … by the current crisis in South Sudan. The United Nations declared a famine in South Sudan and the Special Adviser for …

On Demand Event
November 18, 2010

Perspectives on Sudan's Future … on:  Perspectives on Sudan's Future With: Richard Downie CSIS … Program Director Southern Sudan's January 9 referendum on independence …

On Demand Event
July 13, 2010

Countdown to Sudan's Referendum … hosted  Countdown to Sudan's Referendum  with remarks … Gration President's Special Envoy to Sudan Moderated by Jennifer Cooke Director …

On Demand Event
June 19, 2006

Sudan's Displaced: Challenges of Return and Reintegration … Committee hosted a discussion of Sudan's displaced. Speakers were:   Nicky … Country Representative in Sudan Michael Ebye Amanya, IRC Director for West Sudan Anne Mesopir, IRC Director for South Sudan Shaun O’Donnell, IRC Director for North and East Sudan J. Stephen Morrison …

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