of the Congo, Burundi, and Zimbabwe. He also worked with The …

Critical Questions
November 15, 2017 | By Jennifer G. Cooke

the military intervention? Zimbabwe’s political crisis has … succeed Mugabe, in power since Zimbabwe gained its independence 37 … it mean for the future of Zimbabwe? What happens next? It is …

March 28, 2008

Zimbabwe will hold elections for the … a major course change for Zimbabwe? Or will Simba Makoni, a … insists, it seeks to re-colonize Zimbabwe. He blames the economic …

Critical Questions
August 7, 2018 | By Alexander H. Noyes

have raised questions about Zimbabwe’s prospects for shedding its … Emmerson Mnangagwa of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic … was a seminal election for Zimbabwe, with neither Robert Mugabe …

January 10, 2009

apartheid, and Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was then called, was run … Smith’s odious successor in Zimbabwe.  First of all, the … 1980 of the new nation of Zimbabwe, with Robert Mugabe at its …

January 5, 2018 | By Alexander H. Noyes

sident Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe has named Constantino Chiwenga … formally endorsed as the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic … ascendency in post-Mugabe Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa pledged …

On Demand Event
May 1, 2019

food insecurity crisis in Zimbabwe. According to theZimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment … 2.4 million people in rural Zimbabwe were projected to be severely … the wake of Cyclone Idai, Zimbabwe's dire condition seems poised …

May 1, 1992

foreign-exchange systems in Africa, Zimbabwe was the largest market in … southern third of the continent, Zimbabwe is likely to find itself … Africa Notes: Zimbabwe at a Crossroads - May 1992 …

November 15, 1983

took office as independent Zimbabwe's first prime minister in April … four separate groups within Zimbabwe's population: • Militants … Adherents of Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union (PF-ZAPU) Analyses …

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