December 11, 2018

how we think about defense acquisition more broadly?   DR … and that the conventional acquisition system just wasn’t paying … Defense Agency with its own acquisition authority so that it could …

October 3, 2018 | By Kaitlyn Johnson

command or a dedicated space acquisition and development agency. A … research, development, and acquisition agency for national security … space. Currently, the MDA has acquisition authorities to both conduct …

November 27, 2018

that we would expect the acquisition system to be responding to. And … how long it takes for the acquisition system to catch up with strategic … Forum. And so one is our annual acquisition study, which is kind of our …

September 28, 2018

Kaitlyn Johnson. READ - "Acquisition Trends 2018: Defense Contract …

November 19, 2018

would be and what type of acquisition programs it would encompass … example, some of the space acquisition organizations – like in … pulling in the Navy space acquisition arm at SPAWAR. There’s …

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