The Project on Prosperity and Development, Global Food Security Program, and Humanitarian Agenda examine the United States’ leadership role in advancing development and creating efficient, effective, and sustainable foreign assistance programs.

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Public Procurement Transparency and its Potential to Reduce Corruption in Low-Income Countries

This blog discusses the direct impact of public procurement on economic stability and development, utilizing countries such as Rwanda, Georgia, Afghanistan, and Tanzania to showcase examples of positive and negative impacts. This piece highlights that public procurement isn't just a process - it's the heartbeat of nations, influencing the very fabric of their socio-economic landscapes. 

Blog Post by Salome Girgvliani — November 28, 2023

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Daniel F. Runde
Senior Vice President; William A. Schreyer Chair; Director, Project on Prosperity and Development
Caitlin Welsh
Director, Global Food and Water Security Program
Romina Bandura
Senior Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development, Project on U.S. Leadership in Development
David Michel
Senior Fellow, Global Food and Water Security Program