In 2006–2007, the Brzezinski Chair directed "A Global Euro-Atlantic Dialogue About the U.S., the EU, and NATO in the 21st Century." 

As the first stage of this two-year project, made possible by funding from the European Commission, a working group of leading experts on the European Union and transatlantic relations met for a pair of two-day seminars at CSIS on February 27–28 and May 15–16, 2006. Based on the discussions of this working group, Simon Serfaty authored Moment of Reflection, Commitment to Action, a series of key recommendations for the European Union and the U.S.-EU partnership.

A parallel working group comprised of leading experts on NATO and its relations with the European Union met in Riga, Latvia, on September 15–17, 2006. Following this seminar, organized in cooperation with Latvia's Strategic Analysis Commission, Simon Serfaty prepared The NATO Riga Summit: A Renewed Commitment to Transformation, putting forward 10 recommendations for the 2006 NATO Summit, which took place in November. A second meeting, assessing the results of the summit and advancing ideas for a NATO and EU-NATO agenda for 2007–2009, was held in Berlin, Germany, on December 9–10.

The concluding meeting of the project, "Terms of Engagement: The Euro-Atlantic Partnership at Sixty," took place June 10–12 in Brussels, Belgium. This two-day seminar, cosponsored by the Transatlantic Policy Network, involved senior think tank representatives from more than two dozen institutions, as well as officials from the European Union and NATO, for a series of discussions on topics central to the EU-U.S.-NATO relationship.

Additional project reports are Recasting the Euro-Atlantic Partnership, coauthored by Franklin Kramer and Simon Serfaty, and Terms of Engagement: The Euro-Atlantic Partnership at Sixty