Simon Serfaty has been a guest lecturer in over 40 different countries worldwide. In addition, he makes frequent contributions to the media on both sides of the Atlantic. Listed below is a selection of Dr. Serfaty's activities and public commentaries.



"The World Economic Summit,"  CSIS Press Briefing, November 12.


"Etats-Unis Election 2008,"  interview in Le Point, October 23.

"The New American Presidency and U.S.-EU Strategic Relations,"  European-American Business Council seminar, October 20.

"The United States and Europe in a Multipolar World,"  AILA International Fellows seminar, October 10. 


"The Audacity of Renewal,"  Transatlantic Policy Network Roundtable, Brussels, Belgium, June 3. 

"La relation Europe/Etats-Unis au regard de la lutte contre le terrorisme,"  Institut Des Hautes Etudes De Defense Nationale conference, Paris, France, June 2. 


"Priorities for EU and U.S. Foreign Policies,"  Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Brocket Hall Dialgoue, Hertfordshire, UK, May 30.

"The United States and Europe After Bush and Beyond Iraq,"  World Affairs Council of Northern California conference, Monterey, CA, May 2.


"A New and Evolving Balance Between the European Union, the United States, and Russia,"  State Department INR conference, Arlington, VA, April 25.

"Ten years from now, what will be the next great global currency?" The International Economy, Spring 2008.


"France will push U.S. on EU defense; Afghanistan to top NATO debate," The Washington Times, March 31.

"A Multipolar World and Transatlantic Partnership," European Ideas Network Seminar, Paris, France, March 5.


"A Recast Partnership? Toward a Euro-Atlantic Security Strategy" Transatlantic Policy Network Roundtable, Washington, DC, February 29.


"Polish Chief Lukewarm on Missile Defense," Associated Press, January 7.

"Bush's Last Year Will be Heavy on Travel," Los Angeles Times, January 6.



"Cooperation on Global & Regonal Security," Transatlantic Policy Network & Confederation of Indian Industry, Delhi, India, November 30.

"A Re-Cast Partnership? The United States, France, and Europe Beyond Iraq," World Affairs Council Forum, Charleston, SC, November 27.

"US-French Differences Persist Despite Sarkozy Triumph," Agence France Presse, November 9.

"Making Friends in America," Chicago Tribune, November 8.

"French President Sarkozy Looks for Dividends of Pro-America Policy in Washington Visit," Associated Press, November 6.


"U.S. and EU Perspectives on Global Issues: Transatlantic Relations in Transition? College of Europe workshop, Bruges, Belgium, October 26-27.


"France, U.S., to Strike New Cord at U.N.," USA Today, September 24.

Edwin Fedder Memorial Lecture Alliance Francaise and University of Missouri-STL, St. Louis, MO, September 11.


"Which Past War is Iraq?" by Simon Serfaty, Washington Post Think Tank Town, August 29.

"Sarkozy acheve ses vacances americaines," Le Figaro, August 17.

"Sarkozy weekends with Bush at estate," Washington Times, August 12.

"Sarkozy's trip to seal US entente cordiale," Financial Times, August 11.

"Nicolas Sarkozy, nouvel 'ami europeean' de George W. Bush," Agence France  Presse, August 10.


"Bush, British Leader pledge to fight terrorism," USA Today, July 31. 

"Brown, Bush vow Iraq co-opeation," Associated Press, July 30. 


"Terms of Engagement: The Euro-Atlantic Partnership at Sixty," U.S. Mission to the EU, Brussels, Belgium, June 13.

"Jean-David Levitte 'Diplomator a l'Eysee," Le Monde, June 7.

"Summit Leaders Turn from Acrimony on Iraq to New Issues," Associated Press, June 7.

"Escalating War of Words Between US and Russia Recalls Cold War Era," Associated Press, June 6.

"Bush Seeks to Improve U.S.-Europe Ties, Los Angeles Times, June 5.

"Putin Crackdown Gives G8 Concern Russia is 'Problem'" Bloomberg News, June 4.

"Bush Pushes 'Freedom Agenda' in Eastern Europe," Chicago Tribune, June 4.

"Bush Heads to Europe Amid Dispute with Putin," Associated Press, June 4.

"President Aims to Display Softer Side of Power," Financial Times, June 3.

"Bush Will Meet Putin at G8 Amid Deteriorating Relations," Copley News Service, June 2.

"President Heading to G8 Meetings with an Agenda Seen as Popular in Europe," Associated Press, June 2.

"Bush Urges Plan to Cut Emissions," Chicago Tribune, June 1.     


"Bush: Ready for Climate Change Rules--Late Next Year," Chicago Tribune, May 31.    

"The Evolution of CPA Since Riga," NATO Comprehensive Workshop sponsored by the Danish Embassy and the National Defense University, Washington, DC, May 25. 

"Pour Washington, la France est de retour," by Simon Serfaty, Le Monde, May 19, 2007.

"New Leadership in Europe," 8th Bucerius Governance Talks, German Marshall Fund of the United States, May 18.   

"The Impact of the French Election on U.S.-European Relations," CSIS Congressional Staff Forum, Washington, DC, May 14.  

"Chirac et les USA: une relation marquee par la opposition a la guerre en Irak," Agence France Presse, May 14.    

"The Post-Chirac French Funk," by Simon Serfaty, The International Economy, Spring 2007.

"New Europe" by Simon Serfaty, Wall Street Journal & Wall Street Journal Online, May 8, 2007. A longer version appeared as "The Dawn of the Sarko Era" in Wall Street Journal  Europe and "The Sarkozy Mandate" in Wall Street Journal Asia.

"Washington compte sur Sarkozy pur retablir les relation avec Paris," Agence France Presse, May 7.    


"What Impact Will the French Election Have on U.S-European Relations?" French American Foundation, The Atlantic Partnership and the German Marshall Fund of the United States, Washington, DC, March 27, 2007.

"Chirac to Retire from Politics," CNN American Morning, March 12, 2007.

"Panel Discussion on the 2007 French Election," France 24, March 9, 2007.


"U.S. Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Relations under George W. Bush," CERI/Science Po, Washington, DC, February 26, 2007.

"NATO-EU Perspectives," Transatlantic Policy Network Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, February 23, 2007.

"A Challenged and Challenging Europe," 11th Karlsruhe Dialogues, Karlsruhe, Germany, February 11, 2007.

"Le gaffe de Chirac? Quelle gaffe?" by Simon Serfaty, Le Point, February 8, 2007.