Initiative for a Renewed Transatlantic Partnership

On September 16, 2003, CSIS launched its Initiative for a Renewed Transatlantic Partnership. The Initiative is action- and future-oriented, multidimensional, and nonpartisan. It aims to produce a body of studies and an agenda of policy recommendations that take as their premise the fact that transatlantic cooperation lies at the heart of effective responses to the world's most pressing strategic challenges. In this context, the confluence of a newly enlarged Europe, focused on further integrating its 27 member states, and a United States at the start of a new congressional term, makes imperative the need for regular, focused, problem-specific dialogue and high-level strategic thinking among U.S. and European policy experts, politicians, and business and military leaders.

Harold Brown (Co-Chair)
Former Secretary of Defense
Giuliano Amato (Co-Chair)
Former Italian Prime Minister and Vice President of the European Convention
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Former National Security Adviser
Carl Bildt
Former Swedish Prime Minister
Stuart Eizenstat
Former U.S. Ambassador to the EU and Deputy Secretary, Treasury
Manfred Bischoff
Chairman of the Board, EADS
John Hamre
President and CEO, CSIS
Bertrand Collomb
Chairman, Lafarge
Carla Hills (Co-Chair)
Former U.S. Trade Representative
Jean-Luc Dehaene
Former Belgian Prime Minister
Joseph Ralston
Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe
Lord Douglas Hurd
Former British Foreign Secretary
Charles Robb
Former U.S. Senator and Co-Chair Commission on Intelligence Operations
Jacques Lanxade
Former Chief of Staff of France
Felix Rohatyn
Former Managing Director Lazard Frères & Company and U.S. Ambassador to France
Paavo Lipponen
Former Finnish Prime Minister
Brent Scowcroft
Former National Security Advisor
Klaus Naumann
Former Chief of Staff Germany
  Ana Palacio
Former Spanish Foreign Minister
  Lord George Robertson (Co-Chair)
Former Secretary General of NATO
  Eduardo Serra Rexach
Former Spanish Defense Minister
  Peter Sutherland
Chairman, BP plc, former European Commissioner and former Director General of GATT and the WTO