Russia Balance Sheet Advisory Committee

We have been fortunate to be able to draw on the extensive knowledge of a remarkable group of experts on Russia and U.S.-Russia relations, representing a range of perspectives.  Many of these advisors participated in brainstorming meetings or provided comments on draft versions of this volume, and we are deeply grateful for their guidance and support.  However, the findings and opinions expressed in this book solely reflect those of the authors.  They do not necessarily represent the views of our advisors or other supporters.
Among those from whom we solicited views are:

Leon Aron
David Bailey
William Beddow
Stephen Biegun
Zbiginiew Brzezinski
Michael Calvey
Sarah Carey
Edward Chow
Ariel Cohen
Keith Crane
Dorothy Dwoskin
Toby Gati
Thomas Graham
Michael Green
Fiona Hill
Carla Hills
Gary Hufbauer

Andrei Illarionov
Neville Isdell
Bruce Jackson
Oakley Johnson
Steven Kehoe
Henry Kissinger

Clifford Kupchan
Eugene Lawson
Randi Levinas
Michael Mandelbaum
Mary Mann
Jack Matlock
Michael McFaul
Sarah Mendelson
Scott Miller
Sam Nunn
Thomas Pickering
Steven Pifer
Joseph Robert
Charles Ryan

Diana Sedney
Steve Sestanovich
Andrew Somers
Angela Stent
John Sullivan
Dmitri Trenin
Judyth Twigg
Alexander Vershbow
Ann Wrobleski