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DIIG provides timely, in-depth analysis on the critical issues at the cross-section of the Department of Defense and its industrial base. With a focus on defense acquisition trends, technological innovation, security cooperation, and ongoing reform efforts, DIIG monitors important developments in the global defense industry. DIIG’s products consist of major research projects, published reports, commentaries, interviews, and events.

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Photo: Gonzalo/Adobe Stock

Photo: Gonzalo/Adobe Stock

Readying NATO’s Defense Industrial Base for Its 100th Anniversary

In the future, NATO’s success will hinge on its ability to unify and modernize its defense industrial base, ensuring that allies can swiftly codevelop, coproduce, and maintain the interoperable systems needed to meet emerging threats.

Commentary by Audrey Aldisert and Cynthia Cook — July 8, 2024

Photo: Omar Marques/Getty Images

Is NATO Ready for War?

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Report by Sean Monaghan, Eskil Jakobsen, Sissy Martinez, Mathieu Droin, Gregory Sanders, Nicholas Velazquez, Cynthia Cook, Anna Dowd, and Maeve Sockwell — June 11, 2024

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