Hess Center for New Frontiers

The Hess Center for New Frontiers explores the megatrends shaping the future geopolitical landscape and empowers decisionmakers to solve for tomorrow’s challenges today

Forging the Future, Today

The Hess Center for New Frontiers connects leaders in government, civil society, and business with world-class CSIS research on the macrotrends and forces shaping the future global landscape. Through its flagship presentation, New Frontiers: Five Megatrends That Will Define Our Future, and suite of hands-on strategy and foresight workshops, the Hess Center provides decisionmakers with a deeper look at today’s drivers of change and a toolkit to prepare for tomorrow.

The pace of change is accelerating, and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities have never been more interconnected. The Hess Center for New Frontiers brings together CSIS’s research and analysis, educational platform, and convening power to:

Explore the most important macrotrends shaping our world out to the year 2100 with top CSIS experts and world leaders through a dynamic, 45-minute presentation, New Frontiers: Five Megatrends That Will Define Our Future. Learn more.

Discover how the intersections between today’s most transformational forces are reshaping the global landscape through CSIS’s innovative, data-driven analysis on:

  • Global demographics
  • Water and food security
  • Energy transition and climate change
  • Technology and economic competitiveness
  • Geopolitics and world order

Explore the New Frontiers

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