Membership Groups and Special Events

Through Membership Groups, CSIS offers unique opportunities for individuals to participate in the work of the Center and maintain a direct connection to the Washington policy community.

The Center has three main types of membership groups: International Councillors,  Advisory Board, and Roundtables. Each level offers a unique opportunity for individuals to engage in timely policy discussions and tap into the vast expertise of CSIS scholars. The groups meet regularly to discuss and analyze breaking issues in foreign policy that reflect the comprehensive research and analysis CSIS produces. Some members also participate in the Center’s ongoing work through involvement in studies, review of programs, or by offering new ideas for future projects.

The International Councillors, chaired by Henry Kissinger, is the Center’s most prestigious group. Composed of select business CEOs drawn from different corners of the world, this small invitation-only group meets annually for an informal, off-the record dialogue on the most current and pressing issues of global interest and concern. Many International Councillors participate actively in the substantive work of the Center, and their involvement has led to some of our most fruitful work.

The Advisory Board, cochaired by Carla Hills and John Hamre, is composed of the Center’s closest friends and advisers, including both public and private sector policymakers, U.S. and international business leaders, and former senior government officials. This invitation-only only group meets twice per year in Washington to discuss breaking policy issues.

The Roundtables are strategically based throughout the country. They serve as satellite locations for CSIS to expand influence and offer the opportunity for members outside of Washington to engage with the Center’s work. Roundtables meet several times per year and are currently located in Washington, DC; Dallas, TX; and New York, NY. Each Roundtable meeting provides a forum for fresh and innovative dialogue between leaders around the country and CSIS’s experts about pressing issues in foreign policy. 

Please note that CSIS Membership Groups are exclusive and invitation-only.

For more information on CSIS membership groups, please contact Karen Wong at (202) 775-3196 or

Membership Groups

Karen Wong
Senior Vice President for Membership Groups and Special Events, and Corporate Secretary