Chinese Industrial Policy

Chinese industrial policy is meant to promote the competitiveness of Chinese companies and sectors relative to their international counterparts. Using quantitative and qualitative methods, the Trustee Chair analyzes the effectiveness of these policies across a wide range of industries, and on that basis evaluates alternative policy responses by Washington and its allies and business strategies by the international business community.

Trustee Chair experts provide crucial research on critical topics around China’s state-led economy, with a goal to inform members of the policy community and business leaders on the latest developments and ongoing trends in Chinese industrial policy. Our publications foster informed conversations on Chinese industrial policy through contributions such as estimating and contextualizing the country’s industrial policy spending, assessing the value of China’s policy model for the United States, and examining key industries including China’s nascent domestic aviation manufacturing. Our policy experts offer in-depth looks at China’s five-year plans and their potential impact on the country’s growth and development.  

This project is made possible through generous support to CSIS.

China’s Stalled Aircraft Dreams

China may be on a path to becoming a high-tech superpower in many sectors, but commercial aircraft is not one of them. As a result of China’s frustrations, the United States remains far ahead of China, and the gap is not closing.

Photo: /AFP via Getty Images

Photo: /AFP via Getty Images

Perfecting China Inc.

Examining the 13th Five-Year Plan and it's implications for the future of Chinese business and economics.

Perfecting China, Inc.

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