Intelligence, National Security, and Technology Program

The Intelligence, National Security, and Technology (INT) program provides a vision for the future of intelligence, anticipates developments in technology, and explains the implications for national security


Our team delivers critical insights on how the government, industry, and other innovators should prioritize today to position for a future marked by security uncertainty and rapid technological change. Our Director, Emily Harding, spent her government career leading teams through multiple national security crises and disruptive change. At CSIS she has established herself as a forward-looking leading thinker on intelligence issues.

INT convenes thought leaders to unravel the complex effects of technological disruptions; produces rigorous, scholarly research on the craft of intelligence; and helps policymakers understand how technology will shape global security dynamics. Our mission is to provide timely, relevant, approachable analysis and clear-eyed, actionable recommendations to shape the future of intelligence.


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