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The New Ice Curtain: Russia's Strategic Reach to the Arctic

August 27, 2015 • 10:00 – 11:30 am EDT

Please join us for the release and discussion of a new CSIS Europe Program report, The New Ice Curtain: Russia’s Strategic Reach to the Arctic, which examines Russia’s economic, energy, and security strategies and aspirations in the Arctic, and the evolution of the Kremlin’s Arctic policies over the past decade.  On the eve of President Obama’s and Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Anchorage, Alaska where they will convene Arctic and non-Arctic leaders to discuss climate impact and resilience, and global leadership in the Arctic, it is a timely moment to better understand the largest and most dynamic Arctic actor and to assess whether the Arctic will remain a cooperative region or succumb to geopolitical tensions.  

Report author Heather A. Conley and project consultant Dr. Marlène Laruelle will examine the significant changes in Russia’s Arctic policies and rhetoric – particularly since President Putin’s return to the Kremlin in 2012 – and offer their insights on Russia’s military posturing in the region, as well as how to develop new collaborative thinking to preserve and protect international Arctic cooperation.  New York Times correspondent Steven Lee Myers, who has written about and traveled frequently to the Russian Arctic, will offer his reflections on the report and assess whether the development of a 21st century “ice curtain” is realistic.  The panelists will also preview the upcoming August 31st meeting in Alaska and assess the impact of the potential attendance of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on U.S.-Russian cooperation in the Arctic.

Dr. Marlène Laruelle
Research Professor of International Affairs, George Washington University
Steven Lee Myers
Correspondent, The New York Times
Introduced and moderated by
Heather A. Conley
Senior Vice President for Europe, Eurasia and the Arctic, CSIS Europe Program 
This event is made possible by support from the MacArthur Foundation.

Heather A. Conley