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The International Security Program and the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy lead CSIS’s defense strategy portfolio, including the global military balance, asymmetric warfare, and regional conflicts.

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Aid to Ukraine: Much More Than Tanks

There’s much more going on with aid to Ukraine than just tanks. Commitments at the Ukraine Defense Contact Group for artillery, air defense, and armored vehicles are crucial. Most important: aid continues at high levels. 

Commentary by Mark F. Cancian — February 2, 2023

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Seth G. Jones
Senior Vice President; Harold Brown Chair; and Director, International Security Program
Tom Karako
Senior Fellow, International Security Program and Director, Missile Defense Project
Kathleen McInnis
Senior Fellow, International Security Program and Director, Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative
John Schaus
Senior Fellow, International Security Program
Sean Monaghan
Visiting Fellow, Europe, Russia and Eurasia Program
Benjamin Jensen
Senior Fellow, Future War, Gaming, and Strategy, and International Security Program