In Memoriam: Henry A. Kissinger

WASHINGTON, November 30, 2023: CSIS president and CEO John J. Hamre today released the following statement on the passing of Henry A. Kissinger:

"America lost a patriot with the death of Henry Kissinger. Henry devoted his life to his adopted country that saved him and his family from the Holocaust. He used his remarkable intellect to guide and strengthen American foreign policy both in office and out for over 60 years.

Henry’s tenure as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor ended with some controversy. CSIS offered Henry an office and support at a time he felt vulnerable. This led to almost 50 years of commitment to CSIS. Until his last days, Henry was active at CSIS, participating in numerous ways. Until the end he headed the CSIS International Councillors.

Through many years of discussion, we know the depth of Henry’s character. He saw the crucial role that wise and prudent government played in making citizens’ lives better. Some criticized him as a cynical realist. But he was actually deeply motivated by the most noble aspirations of American civic idealism.

We deeply regret his passing. But we celebrate his remarkable life and his nearly five decades of commitment to CSIS."